Rachel Morgan de Jong

As a local resident of Pittsburgh for over a decade. I truly love and care about our city. Living a healthy lifestyle and walking our dog has allowed me to see all the new and exciting developments over the years. That being said, it has also allowed me to see what our community could use and really appreciate. Activity is what Pittsburgh is all about ! I would love to bring the convenience of nutritious energy for the many people that bring life to our area. All generations will appreciate this location to fuel their day! I am a Vegeterian for over 4 years now thanks to seeing and working within this field. No Matter the preferences, Island bowls will satisfy all.

Julian Camilo de Jong

I have Over 10 years of experience in the Food & Beverage Industry. Coming from Aruba where our Main pillar of economy is Tourism and Hospitality.
I have worked in all types of restaurants such as: Japanese Cuisine, international Cuisine, Caribbean Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, French Cuisine and of
course the main one I got the passion for vegan/gluten free Healthy Cuisine. My experience is from front of the house in the service area to the back of the house in preparation and cold stations I was a part of management in this establishment and know all the ins and outs of this business. My passion for fruit and healthy living is what drives us every day, to be able to share beautiful, healthy happy food with families and kids.